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December 2013 - JCMA Consulting enables an organisation to tackle growing pains.


Charles McNena of JCMA Consulting was approached to assist Industrial Organics in understanding what the organisation could do to absorb business growth through acquisition whilst maintaining its impeccable services to existing customers.

Charles undertook a program to:
 Understand the Industrial Organics organisation and processes,
 Develop a strategy to:
• Re-establish and confirm business fundamentals
• Engage all staff in the process and seek their input
• Drive pragmatic lasting solutions to overcome workload issues
• Ensure the correct weighting of tactical and strategic activities within the organisation
• Empower Industrial Organics to take charge of their future


Charles led a Strategy workshop in September 2013, with follow up six weeks later to gauge uptake of the agreed changes to work practices and allocation of duties. Charles continues to interact with the organisation and provide support to the CEO.


So, I’ve got the reputation, the team, growth ability and known end-game.
But no idea how to get there.
Simple – call in Charles from JCMA Consulting.

In a pre-designed, structured workshop that engaged the whole team, Charles led us through:
• Who we are, how we are, why we are.
• Pragmatic lasting solutions to workload issues.
• Empowered us to grasp our own futures.
• Charles also led me strongly to working on my business more than in it.

It took no time for Charles to understand my business, connect with the staff, grasp the issues, and implement his tailored program that includes monthly review.

3 months later we know exactly how to get there, with the changes and process embedded. Our team is focussed, engaged and accountable.

I thought JCMA Consulting was very cost-effective, and Charles is clearly passionate about what he and we can achieve.

Super outcome, Super-man

 Tony Hamilton
CEO Industrial Organics





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