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JCMA News - October 2008 (New application for Vic Gov't operational) PDF Print E-mail

October 2008 - The Laboratory Workflow System developed by JCMA Consulting for a Division of the Victorian Government, signed off as operating successfully in a prodcution environment

JCMA News - June 2008 (Leadership Programs to Middle East) PDF Print E-mail

June 2008 - JCMA Consulting (People Solutions) delivers leadership programs in the Middle East.

Strategic People Solutions Director, Jacinta McNena, facilitated a Leadership Development Program for senior executives in Dubai and Doha for a global client.

"This program has been extremely valuable, and can be immediately applied in the workplace. We have every intention to deliver this program to all supervisory levels." [Client Feedback]

To view the new Learning and Leadership go to www.insightpartnershipgroup.com

JCMA News - June 2008 (Process Improvement Initiative) PDF Print E-mail

June 2008 - JCMA Consulting (Business Solutions) develops and delivers a methodology for a major process improvement program.

Using its own Roadmap concept, JCMA Consulting has created and delivered a framework for an extensive process improvement program for a Division within the Victorian Government.

"The detailed concept presented by Charles McNena at a one day workshop for senior staff, was well received, and provides a comprehensive framework to undertake what will be a complex program of work over the next 18 months." [Client Feedback]

JCMA Consulting will continue to provide support for this initiative.

JCMA News - November 2007 (Beta Version delivered) PDF Print E-mail

November 2007 - JCMA Consulting delivers the beta version of a customised Laboratory Workflow System to a Division within the Victorian Government.

"This development was a true collaboration between our organisation and JCMA. The application functionality deliverd will add real value to the Division, and has automated many tasks currently handled manually". [Client feedback]


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