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JCMA News - April 2015 (New Strategic focus for a client) PDF Print E-mail


April 2015 - A complete review and new strategy for an organisation

In need of refreshed strategy to carry the business forward, this Design and Construction company called on JCMA Consulting to undertake a review of their sales, logistics and operations and assist them in implementing the change required to increase its profitability and operational capability.


This is a work in progress as we partner with the organisation on an ongoing basis. This has been a considerable body of work over many months, I am pleased with our progress thus far [Charles McNena – JCMA].


The capability brought to this substantial body of work, the ongoing relationship, expertise and commitment of JCMA gives me every confidence we will achieve the goals set for our business in the years ahead [Client Feedback]

JCMA News - December 2013 (Managing growing pains) PDF Print E-mail

December 2013 - JCMA Consulting enables an organisation to tackle growing pains.

JCMA News - June 2013 (Helping a Start Up) PDF Print E-mail

June 2013 - JCMA Consulting delivers strategic benefit to a start up

JCMA News - April 2012 (Foursight Alliance) PDF Print E-mail

April 2012 - JCMA Consulting and Foursght Associates form a strategic alliance

JCMA News - January 2012 (Strategic Alliance) PDF Print E-mail

January 2012 - JCMA Consulting and the Bevington Group form an alliance


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