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JCMA Commitment to Clients

JCMA Consulting, through our people, make the following commitments to existing and prospective clients:



•   Build relationships and trust;
•   Foster open and honest communication;
•   Facilitate collective buy-in from stakeholders;
•   Understand the clients industry, their business and uniqueness;
•   Create innovative solutions and creative approaches;
•   Undertake knowledge transfer to client staff; and
•   Promote integrity and ethical standards.

JCMA Corporate Values

JCMA Consulting believes that to enhance·our Client's business outcomes and JCMA's capabilities we embrace the following values:

•   Competency in developing and delivering pragmatic solutions;
•   Best People aligned expertise for creating client value;
•   Reliability through a history of delivering key projects;
•   Honesty and Integrity in dealing with and communicating to our clients and stakeholders; and
•   Value Add through delivery of positive client outcomes.



 JCMA Quality Program


JCMA Consulting Quality Program outlines our quality processes, methodologies and guiding principles for delivering the highest quality professional services and products to our clients. These are fundamental to our business success and an integral component of our service delivery.




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