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Case Studies - Quality Management & Compliance


Department of Treasury and Finance—JCMA Consulting undertook a review of several major IT initiatives to advise DTF on opportunities for improvements related to quality processes in the respective programs. The JCMA review highlighted a number of areas to be addressed by the project sponsors and managers to facilitate better quality processes across the various programs.

Biosciences Research Division (Department of Primary Industries (DPI) Victoria)—JCMA designed, developed and deployed the Phytogene Laboratory Workflow System (LWS) to support the research workflow documentation processes of this world class research group. This highly specialised workflow system manages the research workflows and outcomes in a regulatory compliant environment and tracks plant experimentation from cell to seed and from the laboratory to the field. The system and associate processes support the quality framework within the research division ensuring compliance with rigid compliance requirements.

Essential Services Commission (Victoria)—Led the review of Electricity Distributors submissions for the Smart Metering (AMI) initiative to determine compliance with requirements


AEMO (Formerly NEMMCO)—Evaluated the industry data management maturity level and advised the suitability of various data management models for the electricity industry in Australia in support of the aim to develop quality systems around data management.

Electricity & Gas Full Retail Competition (FRC)—Managed the FRC change program for a major energy retail business for entry into the South Australian electricity and gas markets including ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements of the jurisdiction with respect to consumer obligations in energy contracts and billing processes.

Department of Primary Industries (DPI)—DPI required a framework for the production of quality assured transgenic plants for a key external industry stakeholders.  A framework and guiding principles document was developed as a reference for staff in the development of transgenic plants. Staff trained and signed off on adhering to the principles. The framework and principles are pivotal to the development of quality assured transgenic plants. The document provides the basis for researchers, managers, and quality assurance officers to evaluate the quality of the production of transgenic plants. It further provides assurance to key external stakeholders of the quality standards applied to product development. The framework and the guiding principles define the Quality Management System, to which all staff within key projects delivering transgenic plants are trained.

Commercialisation of a new idea can be a daunting prospect. Intellectual property, capital raising, market analysis and implementation require a solid team to be successful. JCMA and its strategic partners assist organisations to take a good idea / invention and provide the processes and methods to evaluate its potential and develop a roadmapfor commercialisation. JCMA works with the organisation at a detailed level to ensure progress toward commercialisation and profitability.  


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