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Case Studies - Collaborative Application Development


Biosciences Research Division (Department of Primary Industries Victoria)- JCMA designed, developed and deployed the Phytogene Laboratory Workflow System (LWS) to support the research workflow documentation processes of this world class research group. The intellectual property rights to the application are shared between the State and JCMA Consulting.

This highly specialised workflow system manages the research workflows and outcomes in a regulatory compliant environment and tracks plant experimentation from cell to seed. This is a collaborative development with the researchers converting scientific processes to pragmatic business processes via the application.


Aircraft Equipment Overhauls & Sales (NSW) Pty Ltd (AEOS)—Delivered an integrated management system for this manufacturing business in a highly regulated and competitive industry. The stringent quality systems required by airline regulators meant that the system had to conform to those regulations, protocols and requirements. This system has been fully deployed and compliant for 10 years. It continues to evolve through scheduled engagements with AEOS. The management of AEOS believe their integrated systems delivers significant advantage against competitors through the information collected, stored and presented and the streamlining of significant parts of their operation. 


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