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Case Studies - Project Architecture & Management


Department of Treasury and Finance ( DTF)—DTF required an independent consultant to review the progress and framework for a multi-million dollar work program being implemented by a third party supplier while being overseen by DTF. JCMA reviewed the program structure within DTF and identified a number of areas of recommendation for DTF to action in order to promote success of the program

Biosciences Research Centre Project—JCMA Consulting provided strategic advice for the ICT component of the BRC project, the initial project framework and delivering the first series of project deliverables for the ICT portion in this multi-million dollar undertaking. The project has multi-party involvement from the core contractor in a Public–Private Partnership (PPP) to the joint venture partners (Department of Primary Industries and La Trobe University).

Biosciences Research Division (Department of Primary Industries Victoria)—JCMA Consulting has a long association with the Biosciences Research Division (BRD). The BRD have drawn on a range of JCMA Consulting capabilities to enhance its business in a highly competitive research environment. For example, due to the success of the Phytogene Laboratory Workflow System developed by JCMA Consulting (see Section 3.2), JCMA Consulting was commissioned to further enhance the Laboratory Workflow System so that:

•   Larger data volumes and a broader user base could be accommodated;
•   Data acquisition, retention and retrieval was improved; and
•   Common processes were consolidated to provide a centralised function to simplify future process change.

The additional functionality and streamlined workflow system has added significant value to the researchers of the Biosciences Research Division. The project has succeeded in demonstrating that, with fundamental project methodologies and communication protocols in place, substantive progress can be achieved in relatively short time frames. The various phases of the project have been delivered on time and within budget and are now a flagship application underpinning quality assurance, regulatory compliance and project management for large multi-million dollar collaborative partnerships.

Other significant assignments within BRD have included JCMA working as a Senior Advisor on the establishment of the Advanced Scientific Computing (e-Science research and computational biology) facilities, a project worth six million dollars. JCMA Consulting were later commissioned to conduct an independent review of the Advanced Scientific Computing  platform to ensure it remains capable of delivering defined services to an important external collaborator. Following the initial review that included recommendations, JCMA Consulting facilitated the engagement process between BRD and the collaborative partners to ensure all parties understood and agreed to the service offering, leading to satisfaction for both BRD and its collaborators.

JCMA Consulting created a methodology and processes to transition a microarray chip processing concept into a production and fulfilment operation. The BRD had struggled for the previous 12 months to realise quality outputs and throughput from the highly specialised equipment purchased. The assignment required a thorough understanding of technical, production, fulfilment and cultural change models in order to develop the program.

Collectively, these three projects, under JCMA Consulting leadership, combined hardware acquisition, software development, knowledge acquisition and cultural change delivering real and sustainable benefits to BRD and the Department of Primary Industries.

Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD)—DEECD embarked on a multi-million dollar infrastructure and knowledge management initiative. JCMA Consulting was appointed to the senior project management team as Commercial and Contract Manager. This role included finalisation of the contract negotiation and contract structure for the program, project and quality management, functional analysis, oversight of vendor capabilities, providing advice on functional and technical benchmarking.


Printsoft Products Pty. Ltd – JCMA assisted in the review and development of a significant Australian Innovation. The expertise provided the means with which to convert a Research and Development application into a marketable product. This product has won the “Xplore International Innovation Prize” (The Xplore exhibition is widely recognised as the premier innovation exhibition in the world). JCMA Consulting also acted as a change agent for the organisation so that new methodologies introduced into this organisation are sustained in future initiatives.


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