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JCMA Service Offering Principles


The·organisation's services are underpinned by the following key principles of the organisation:



Transparent communication is paramount for JCMA. This delivers trust and commitment from all parties. Our ongoing reporting regime has been developed in line with this principle

JCMA works with the customer to form realistic and achievable solutions. This is achieved through JCMA staff understanding the realities of fiscal constraints and not being bound to delivering a “Rolls Royce” solution where a “Ford” will suffice

The organisation is proud of delivering projects on time and within budget.This sounds like a cliché, however client references and testimonials support our statement that JCMA delivers projects to set criteria successfully

JCMA has developed a flexible pragmatic project methodology to deliver projects successfully. This methodology has been used on small ($100k) to large ($8.5 million) projects

Finally, JCMA seeks to transfer and create competency within every customer organisation.This goal, when achieved, lowers the ongoing cost of application maintenance, project management and business analysis. This is an integral part of the value add proposition and is embedded in the deliverables for all projects.

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