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Project Architecture & Management

JCMA consulting provides advisory services to create and deliver logical frameworks from the outcomes sought from projects of any size can be realised. These services include;

•   Project framework development and implementation;
•   Project review and remediation;
•   Organisational Review - alignment for change;
•   Sustained process improvement programs;
•   Capability enhancement and knowledge transfer to the client;
•   Project advocacy; and
•   Operationalise innovation / initiatives defined / agreed in Strategic Consulting engagements.


These can be summarised in following pragmatic elements;

A.·  Project Management

•·  Process, methods, protocols and quality systems

•·  Governance and accountability

•·  Evaluation

•·  Budget and milestone achievement

•· Implementation and change control


B.·  Project Health Analysis and Remediation

•·  Evaluation, analysis and action against a model

•  ·Remediation and project engagement


C.·  Technical Project Consulting – Construction

•·  Technical infrastructure development

•  ·Fitness for purpose review

•  ·Design development

•·  Process improvement and workflow implementation into design

•  ·Change management


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