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 Strategic Business Solutions


JCMA Consulting has developed significant expertise in delivering strategic solutions for a wide variety of clients. These can be broken down into·four engagement categories;

Strategic Consulting

Project Architecture & Management

Bespoke Collaborative Application Development

Quality Management & Compliance

Through its Partners the service offer is enhanced and introduces broader skill sets than one individual organisation.


Strategic Consulting

In broad terms JCMA assists its clients in forming, detailing and implementing new concepts or processes to improve the overall knowledge and efficiency of the client organisation and its business endeavours. Our Strategic Consulting experience and delivery includes:

Business Strategy. Ensuring business survival, let alone growth, requires a broad perspective and sound judgement. JCMA Consulting works with clients to recognise, assess and implement strategic opportunities in the near, medium and longer terms, consistent with their business goals and ensuring delivery of significant value. Challenging conventional thinking within a business has led JCMA Consulting to identify valuable new opportunities for clients. Services include:

•   Business review and assessment;
•   Strategic business planning; and
•   Business unit evaluation; management and alignment to business strategy.

Business Transformation Architecture & Management. Business transformation involves numerous changes including change management. Relationships and expectations of all stakeholders need to be identified and managed as well as development and implementation of processes, procedures, cultural change strategies etc. With extensive experience in complex environments, including Public Private Partnerships (PPP), JCMA Consulting has facilitated proactive relationship management, negotiations and business improvement programs in a range of business scenarios to support business goals. The ultimate aim is to ensure all stakeholders are satisfied with the business outcomes. Services include:

•   Business process improvement mapping;
•   Mandated change assessment and management; and
•   Business initiative/innovation — development facilitation.


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Project Architecture & Management

JCMA consulting provides advisory services to create and deliver logical frameworks from the outcomes sought from projects of any size can be realised. These services include;

•   Project framework development and implementation;
•   Project review and remediation;
•   Organisational Review - alignment for change;
•   Sustained process improvement programs;
•   Capability enhancement and knowledge transfer to the client;
•   Project advocacy; and
•   Operationalise innovation / initiatives defined / agreed in Strategic Consulting engagements.


These can be summarised in following pragmatic elements;

A.·  Project Management

•·  Process, methods, protocols and quality systems

•·  Governance and accountability

•·  Evaluation

•·  Budget and milestone achievement

•· Implementation and change control


B.·  Project Health Analysis and Remediation

•·  Evaluation, analysis and action against a model

•  ·Remediation and project engagement


C.·  Technical Project Consulting – Construction

•·  Technical infrastructure development

•  ·Fitness for purpose review

•  ·Design development

•·  Process improvement and workflow implementation into design

•  ·Change management


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Bespoke Collaborative Application Development

Collaborative development requires the articulation of clear accountabilities and a shared understanding of the project goals, objectives and success criteria. It is often aligned to agile development and delivery processes. JCMA has considerable expertise to draw on the strengths of the various design, development, test and deployment methods to deliver a robust solution for clients.·· JCMA has successfully delivered applications from prototype to fully operational production processes.· JCMA has the ability take complex processes used in highly specialised organisations (e.g. Scientific Research and Development) and deliver the application processes to support these activities.


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Quality Management & Compliance

Modern organisations aiming to maintain industry best practice and ongoing compliance with regulation or contractual requirements require robust quality systems and compliance processes.

JCMA Consulting and its strategic partners assist organisations to develop and implement quality systems in their business processes and to facilitate processes to ensure compliance with regulations and standards. JCMA understands that quality systems and compliance is an area of significant and growing interest in and across industry sectors and has recruited specialists and developed processes to facilitate this aspect to business transformation.

JCMA Consulting provides advisory services to assist clients in the development, implementation and/or review of quality and compliance management systems to meet their business objectives. Further, JCMA assists organisations in meeting statutory obligations and compliance with mandated government and agency regulations, standards and quality processes.

Business Quality Transformation Services—JCMA believes that a key element to implementing quality management and compliance regimes is through developing the right cultural acceptance in the organisation. JCMA has developed a specific business transformation service line that includes an appropriate level of focus on the cultural change aspect of ensuring robust quality systems and compliance processes.

Building on our extensive quality management and compliance experience, JCMA Consulting provides advisory services to assist clients in evolving their business quality systems in a pragmatic manner to create a high degree of synergy and alignment of their operational business processes.

Examples include:

•   Independent advice to governing bodies/committees;
•   Collaborative application development to improve process quality and efficiencies;
•   Program and project reviews;
•   Continuous improvement programs; and
•   Quality and Compliance change management.

JCMAs experience in quality and compliance extends to heavily regulated industries including scientific research and development, energy retailing, manufacturing and complex contract compliance in Public Private Partnerships (PPP). JCMA has also combined its collaborative application development capability with its compliance capability to develop leading systems to assist organisations in managing their compliance and reporting obligations. offering.


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JCMA Service Offering Principles


The·organisation's services are underpinned by the following key principles of the organisation:



Transparent communication is paramount for JCMA. This delivers trust and commitment from all parties. Our ongoing reporting regime has been developed in line with this principle

JCMA works with the customer to form realistic and achievable solutions. This is achieved through JCMA staff understanding the realities of fiscal constraints and not being bound to delivering a “Rolls Royce” solution where a “Ford” will suffice

The organisation is proud of delivering projects on time and within budget.This sounds like a cliché, however client references and testimonials support our statement that JCMA delivers projects to set criteria successfully

JCMA has developed a flexible pragmatic project methodology to deliver projects successfully. This methodology has been used on small ($100k) to large ($8.5 million) projects

Finally, JCMA seeks to transfer and create competency within every customer organisation.This goal, when achieved, lowers the ongoing cost of application maintenance, project management and business analysis. This is an integral part of the value add proposition and is embedded in the deliverables for all projects.

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