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In broad terms JCMA assists its clients in forming, detailing and implementing new concepts or processes to improve the overall knowledge and efficiency of the client organisation and its business endeavours.






Our Strategic Consulting experience and delivery includes:

Business Strategy. Ensuring business survival, let alone growth, requires a broad perspective and sound judgement. JCMA Consulting works with clients to recognise, assess and implement strategic opportunities in the near, medium and longer terms, consistent with their business goals and ensuring delivery of significant value. Challenging conventional thinking within a business has led JCMA Consulting to identify valuable new opportunities for clients. Services include:

•   Business review and assessment;
•   Strategic business planning; and
•   Business unit evaluation; management and alignment to business strategy.

Business Transformation Architecture & Management. Business transformation involves numerous changes including change management. Relationships and expectations of all stakeholders need to be identified and managed as well as development and implementation of processes, procedures, cultural change strategies etc. With extensive experience in complex environments, including Public Private Partnerships (PPP), JCMA Consulting has facilitated proactive relationship management, negotiations and business improvement programs in a range of business scenarios to support business goals. The ultimate aim is to ensure all stakeholders are satisfied with the business outcomes. Services include:

•   Business process improvement mapping;
•   Mandated change assessment and management; and
•   Business initiative/innovation — development facilitation.


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