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Project Architecture & Management


JCMA provides advisory services to create and deliver logical frameworks from the outcomes sought from projects of any size can be realised.






These services include:


•   Project framework development and implementation;
•   Organisational Review — alignment for change;
•   Project review and remediation;
•   Operationalise innovation / initiatives defined / agreed in Strategic Consulting engagements;
•   Capability enhancement and knowledge transfer to the client;
•   Project advocacy; and
•   Sustained process improvement programs.

These can be summarised in following pragmatic elements:


A. Project Management

•   Process, methods, protocols and quality systems
•   Governance and accountability
•   Evaluation
•   Budget and milestone achievement
•   Implementation and change control


B. Project Health Analysis and Remediation

•   Evaluation, analysis and action against a model
•   Remediation and project engagement


C. Technical Project Consulting – Construction

•   Technical infrastructure development
•   Fitness for purpose review
•   Design development
•   Process improvement and workflow implementation into design
•   Change management


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